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Daniel I just uninstalled iWebar completely, using the main uninstaller. The uninstaller looked legit & seemed to uninstall OK. I verified add-ons were removed from the supported Web browsers. Just a few temporary data files for the app remained under the user specific profiles, likely only used by the iWebar app.
I just did not install or pick this software. Once it interfered with a few online apps or services for me, I removed.
You might want it or not, for whatever it does. I am saying just make sure it is something you want. Your choice.
The other option is to disable individual web browsers to leave installed but turned off (that is one of the troubleshooting methods I used, finding the cause was an add-on, then disabling until I narrowed down to the one causing my problems). What threw me off initially was that it affected 3 web browsers the same way in common, did not affect 2 others I have, until I found out it was the same product installed in all 3.

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Daniel iWebar: I recommend caution with this software, search online & research it.
I did not intentionally or knowingly install it on my computer (Windows); I suspect it was installed by the installer for other software (I do not know which, several apps installed same day). I found it interfered with a few online apps/services, in every web browser it set itself up in & enabled. When I did troubleshooting to find the cause of the problems, it was iWebar.
I run all installs on my devices not with the default option; instead always with the custom options, so I can see all the possible options, especially to see if any additional software is included so I have a choice. So I would have caught it if it had displayed an option to install. I recommend everyone during installs to choose the custom options & explore all options, mainly so you can see if any additional software is included & have a choice to install extras or not. Otherwise, most of the defaults for the originally intended software product are usually OK.

iWebar has a main installer for Windows, & sets itself up in some supported Web browsers (installs add-ons/extensions in the Web browsers). In my case it was Mozilla Firefox), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. (Opera & SeaMonkey are not included (I have those too.)) It does not really try to hide; there just is no main app/program, it installs into all supported Web browsers. However, I did not see it do anything, but it interfered with a few online apps or services. I suspect it may have to do with ads or being a product suggester; I don't know for certain what it does.

If you want to remove/uninstall completely, use the main uninstaller (in Windows, this is under the Programs - Control Panel - iWebar). This had no info with it other than the name & version; I did find it installed under the Windows "... Program Files ..." folder, under the folder name iWebar. (Program Files folder name depends on if you have 32 or 64-bit Windows. I found in my Windows 64-bit under the "... Program Files (x86)" folder (which is meant for 32-bit software).

If you want to keep it but be able to disable, you have to do it in each Web browser you want to change that it is installed. In the Web browser, open its option to open/manage add-ons/extensions, then look for iWebar.
Web browsers had it listed as an add-on or extension (not a plugin) under the name iWebar. Most showed by/from iWebar; Internet Explorer showed publisher as Goobzo LTD. None had any info or online links at all, except Chrome which had a website link (which turned out to be a Google Chrome Web Store link to an App called "Spry this!" from developer "moshegarsia"; confusing because the name does not match the actual product name or source).

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